Human Factors and Sports Engineering: bachelor’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien

The course of studies around the development of ergonomic products - from the idea to the final result, technology, material science, product design and ergonomics are all about people.

Product development that focuses on people: This program is dedicated to the design of ergonomic products using modern materials as well as to capturing and the biomechanical analysis of human movements.

The aim is to arrive at efficient methods of developing and testing devices and equipment. The course allows students to specialize in the fields of product design, ergonomics and sports equipment – it is possible to further develop the latter in the form of the Master’s Program in Sports Technology.


  • Sports equipment: measurement technology, performance enhancement by engineering, performance physiology and training theory, sports equipment mechanics, physics of sports equipment, testing of sports equipment.
  • Product design: Technical functionality combined with aesthetic design and ergonomic operability, use of high-tech and biologically inspired materials.
  • Ergonomics: preventive health care for the body, recording and avoiding stress at the workplace, cognitive ergonomics, further development, for example, of office furniture or children's car seats

What do I learn in these studies?

Students learn:

  • to develop and test products with regard to their usability.
  • to pursue an approach in product development that focuses on the abilities, needs and limitations of users.
  • to determine stresses and strains on the human body - from the workplace to professional sports - with the help of measurement technology.
  • to create product-related material concepts and implement design studies.
  • to use biomechanical measuring techniques and to evaluate the results according to scientific standards.
  • Evaluate working environments and movement patterns with regard to the abilities, needs and limitations of people and design them in such a way as to improve work results and reduce workloads.
  • Select production technologies in accordance with the materials used and the technical functionality of products.

Internationalization of studies

Starting in 2022/23, internationalization will play an essential role for students at UAS Technikum Wien and will become a fixed component of every curriculum. The possibilities are diverse and adapted to the different framework conditions of the students: from excursions lasting several days to semesters abroad, from acting as an international buddy for others to writing the Bachelor thesis in English. All Bachelor students complete at least 5 ECTS from a wide range of measures.

All about the internationalization of studies

What requirements do I have to meet for this course of study?

For a Bachelor's degree at the FH Technikum Wien, you should have a certain technical interest and have passed the school leaving examination.

Warm-Up courses: For all those who do not (any longer) feel comfortable in some subjects, we offer warm-up courses, which can be attended free of charge before the beginning of the studies. This offer is available exclusively for students who have already enrolled.
Admission requirements

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