Internationalization at Home

Campus International

Within the framework of Campus International, courses are held in English by international lecturers, among others. Campus International offers these additional (extracurricular) specialist courses for incoming students and regular students, thus not only contributing to increasing the attractiveness of the UAS Technikum Wien at partner universities, but also making a valuable contribution in the sense of Internationalization @ home. In addition, at the beginning of each semester the so-called Orientation Week takes place within the framework of Campus International, during which incoming students not only receive important information about studying at the UAS Technikum Wien, but also enjoy an introduction to intercultural topics and Austrian culture. In addition to the Orientation Week program, the Incomings will also have various leisure activities organized and carried out by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

Students of UAS Technikum Wien contact the respective assistant or head of the study program in advance for possible crediting in the study program. In this context, we would also like to draw your attention to the Intercultural Skills Certificate, which students can obtain from the winter semester 2018/19 onwards. Courses that have been completed positively on Campus International can be credited for this certificate.

Intercultural Skills Certificate

Globalization and increasing mobility worldwide are making the demands on the labor market ever greater. The cultural mixing of society also requires a sensitization to and discussion of various cultural influences. International and intercultural competences, experience abroad and foreign language skills are no longer just key qualifications in an international environment, but are also more in demand than ever on the domestic labor market.

In order to expand the scope of the students’ linguistic and intercultural competences and to make this clearly visible to the outside world for the purpose of improved employability, students at the UAS Technikum Wien can acquire the “Intercultural Skills Certificate” administered by the International Office.

Students complete various international and intercultural activities during their studies at the UAS Technikum Wien, which are assigned so-called Circoins. In order to obtain the certificate, at least 15 of these Circoins must be accumulated. The number of Circoins assigned to an activity serves as a rough indicator of the workload associated with completing this activity.

Students wishing to obtain the certificate must enroll in the Moodle course administered by the International Office, which is considered the enrolment for the certificate program.

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International Teaching Certificate

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Within the framework of internationalization at the UAS Technikum Wien, more courses are to be held in English in the future. Among other things, introducing the International Teaching Certificate is intended to broaden the range of subjects offered to incoming students.

Two workshop parts support lecturers in converting their courses to English and provide the necessary tools to successfully work together with students from different cultural backgrounds.

Lecturers who complete “The Intercultural Classroom” and “The English Classroom” and subsequently hold at least one course in English can apply for the “International Teaching Certificate” of the UAS Technikum Wien.

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