Staff Mobility

Outgoing Staff

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Program, the teaching and administrative staff of UAS Technikum Wien has the possibility of teaching or job shadowing, etc. at our European partner institutions. Staff mobility does not only broaden the academic diversity at the receiving university, it also enhances the cooperation and relationship between the participating higher institution and promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience. Thus, members of staff at UAS Technikum Wien benefit from the possibility to develop both from a personal and professional perspective.

The program is promoted by the European Commission and receives annual funding. Every year, the UAS Technikum Wien applies for EU funds to be able to organize and undertake the mobility of its staff. The exchange can only be arranged between institutions holding an Erasmus Charta.

Target group

  • current staff member of UAS Technikum Wien holding the citizenship of an EU or EEA member state or of an associated country, or who have been permanently resident in Austria by the start of the exchange or
  • externals (teaching assignment at the UAS Technikum Wien)

Checklist Staff Mobility

PRIOR to the mobility:

  • inform your superior about your plans and at the same time send an inquiry to the host institution (dates, program, etc.)
  • fill in your business trip application („Dienstreiseantrag“) and send it to the management
  • have the host institution sign the filled-in MOBILITY AGREEMENT
  • sign the GRANT AGREEMENT provided by the CIR

DURING the mobility:

  • have the host institution sign your CONFIRMATION OF STAY

AFTER the mobility:

  • fill in the EU questionnaire
  • provide the CIR with the signed confirmation of stay
  • provide the CIR with your travel expense report („Dienstreiseabrechnung“)