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Sports Technology

Master´s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien


Application deadline: June 30, 2023, for applications from Non-EU states: April 30, 2023

Sport and Technology

Whether sports equipment or athletic movement – the interdisciplinary master’s program Sports Technology focuses on the combination of sports and technology. An idea for a new piece of sports equipment is to be implemented or an existing piece of sports equipment is to be optimized, a certain movement has potential for improvement. In order to be able to work on these and even more tasks related to a piece of sports equipment or a sporting movement, various technical skills are required, which are taught in applied form in the Sports Technology master’s program.


Already in the first semester, the knowledge gained is applied to projects from industry or associations. Since Sports Technology is an international subject area, the third and fourth semesters are taught in English. In a course at the beginning of the third semester, English knowledge is refreshed and the terms necessary for the further courses are taught. In addition, students have the opportunity to apply for the Double Degree Program.

Students Learn to:

  • Analyze and evaluate requirements for existing or new software applications and operating systems.
  • User Experience Engineering to design, develop and test user-friendly software solutions.
  • Specify, develop, implement, deploy, maintain and evolve complex software architectures and systems.
  • Evaluate, compare, plan, design, implement and develop IT applications.
  • Plan, design and execute software tests.
  • Analyze, design, develop, implement and test modern, user-friendly operating concepts and user interfaces
  • Identify, analyze and model complex issues and processes (of customers).
  • Participate in or lead and supervise IT projects.


  • Start of semester: Beginning of September
  • Duration: 120 ECTS credits, 4 semesters
  • Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
  • Mode: daytime
  • Presence phases: 21 hours per week
  • Language: English
  • Costs per semester: € 363.36 tuition fee, € 22.70 ÖH fee
  • Possibility for a semester abroad
during daytime
during daytime
during daytime
Weekly presence

Double Degree Program

The Double Degree Program of the Master’s Degree Program Sports Technology offers students the possibility to obtain both the degree of the FH Technikum Wien as “Master of Science in Engineering” and the degree of the Mid Sweden University (Östersund, Schweden) as “Master of Science”. Students attend the courses of the Master’s program Sports Technology at the FH Technikum Wien in the first and second semester and can apply for the Double Degree Program during the first semester. Should one be awarded one of the five places, one will complete the third and fourth semesters in the Master by Research: Mechanical Engineering / Sports Technology at Mid Sweden University. The Master’s thesis and the Master’s examination are both carried out at Mid Sweden University. The supervisor of the FH Technikum Wien attends the Master’s examination either on site or via online meeting.

Career Prospects


The primary occupational field for graduates of this program is the sporting goods industry. Nevertheless, they are also in demand in other industries (e.g. automotive industry, aircraft industry, sports facility construction), because the courses they take provide them with knowledge from various fields of knowledge (biomechanics, computer aided design, project management, material sciences, mechanics, event management, etc.) and give them interdisciplinary analytical skills.


For example, head of innovation and research departments in industry, measurement engineer in the field of biomechanical and physiochemical measurement technology, production manager and material expert at sports equipment manufacturers; quality assurance; technical consulting in performance and competence centers in sports; training technology expert in competitive sports,
or technical training manager;
Sports event organization and technical consulting for sports events; technical competence holder* in sales, logistics and/or customer service of sports equipment.


Graduates develop and plan sports equipment or sports facilities. They develop prototypes or design studies, take care of process flows or topics such as material selection, safety or logistics. They can be found in research and development as well as in the organization of sports events, in the medical sector or in other industries.


Master’s degree programs build on a completed bachelor’s degree program and allow students to specialize or focus on topics in more detail or to expand their existing expertise.

You must meet subject-matter requirements to be admitted to the Sports Technology master’s degree program. Prerequisites include a bachelor’s degree from a UAS in a relevant subject matter or an equivalent degree from a recognized post-secondary educational institution (at least 180 ECTS credits) in Austria or another country.

If basic equivalence has been established except for a few missing prerequisites, the program director can require students to take exams to establish full equivalence. These exams are taken during the master’s program.

Stefan Litzenberger FHTW
If you have an interest in sports and technology, this master’s program is for you.
Stefan Litzenberger
Program Director
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Find your individual optimum!
Stephan Tran
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A big advantage of this degree is that you not only get to indulge your affinity for sports, but you also get to learn the technical aspects and workings behind the sports equipment.
Maximilian Escher

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Stefan Litzenberger
DI (FH) Stefan Litzenberger, MSc

Program Director Bachelor Human Factors and Sports Engineering
Program Director Master Sports Technology

+43 1 333 40 77-4810 stefan.litzenberger@technikum-wien.atDetails
Azra Velic, BA

Studiengangsassistenz Bachelor Bachelor Human Factors and Sports Engineering

+43 1 333 40 77-3393azra.velic@technikum-wien.at


The next step to study Master Sports Technology is to apply via our online application system:

  • The entire application process is handled via a dedicated application website.
  • Your data is stored securely and is being treated with strict confidentiality.
  • A registration system makes it possible to start an application and complete it at a later point in time.
  • Once you have entered your user data and uploaded documents, you can also use them for subsequent applications.

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