Staff Mobility

Outgoing Teachers & Staff

Permanent staff, whether teaching or administrative, have the opportunity to apply for Erasmus+ grants for a period abroad for teaching or training purposes. This not only enables the range of courses offered at partner universities to be expanded, but also enables staff mobility to form, promote and expand relationships with foreign universities. In addition, they contribute to personal development as they strengthen intercultural understanding, flexibility and one's own willingness to learn and thus represent an interface between personal and professional development.


A stay abroad for teaching purposes can take place at any Erasmus+ partner institution of the UAS Technikum Wien, and further education trips also at all other universities with Erasmus Charter. Information on our partner universities can be found here.

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Target audience

The mobility offer is aimed at:

  • employees of the UAS Technikum Wien who are in an employment relationship and hold the citizenship of an EU, EEA or associated state, are recognised as refugees or are recognised as permanently resident in Austria at the time the mobility measure commences, or
  • external lecturers (teaching assignment at the UAS Technikum Wien)


Checklist Personnel Mobility

BEFORE Mobility:

  • Informal registration at the International Office by e-mail:
  • Consultation with the superior, glzt. Coordination with partner university (period, programme, etc.)
  • Submission of Business Trip Request to Rectorat/CEO
  • MOBILITY AGREEMENT signed by the partner university and the IO
  • Signed GRANT AGREEMENT provided by IO


DURING mobility:

  • CONFIRMATION of the stay to be filled in by the partner university


AFTER mobility:

  • Fill in the EU questionnaire
  • Transmit confirmation of stay to the IO
  • Transfer Business Trip Accounting to the IO

Erasmus+ Special grant

Persons with chronic diseases and disabilities have the possibility to apply for an Erasmus+ Special Grant as part of their staff mobility. When preparing your Erasmus+ stay, we ask you to inform us of your situation and to estimate the additional costs arising from your business trip.

All your information will be treated confidentially and discreetly and you can obtain further information on this special grant from the International Office.

Tips and tricks for sustainable business trips

Sustainability and green mobility are among the most important issues of our time. In the following you will find information on how to make your stay abroad more environmentally friendly:

In general:

  • Avoid air travel whenever possible.
  • With good planning, travel by more environmentally friendly means of transport (train, bus, ...) is often no longer a problem.
  • Take documents (such as agendas, contracts, presentations, ...) with you digitally. This saves printing costs and reduces the weight of your luggage.
  • Plan journeys one after the other so that you don't have to cover distances several times.

For air travel:

  • Book direct flights - A large part of the emissions are caused during take-off and landing.
  • Use an airline that offsets its CO2 emissions or offers the opportunity to do so directly.
  • Have your tickets ready digitally instead of printing them out.
  • Make sure you have little and light luggage. The heavier the aircraft, the more CO2 emissions are generated.

On site:

  • Use public transportation instead of taxis and rental cars
  • Look for accommodation near the venue
  • Consume regional and seasonal food and drinks
  • Rely on hybrid or electric cars for car rental